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Phryve Gorgeous Greens


A complete, organic nutrient solution for healthy and beautiful house plants.

Glorious Greens is tailored to bring out the best in show-stopping green plants such as monstera (Swiss cheese plant), ferns, ficus, spider plants and more.

Each bottle makes 100 litres of organic plant food.

250ml bottle makes over 100 litres of feed when diluted at recommended levels.

Add 2 pumps per litre of water at each weekly water.

  • Organic: There are no chemical nasties to be found in Phryve. Each bottle contains only 100% certified natural ingredients of controlled origin. Phryve respects the environment whilst also delivering exceptional results.
  • Made in the UK
  • Free from animal products: It’s a bit of a secret, but lots of feeds and fertilisers use animal products in the form of blood and bones. Not Phryve. We solely use vegetable-based matter (largely sea kelp and sugar beet molasses) to ensure our feeds are fully veganic and cruelty-free.
  • Eco-responsible: We all have a responsibility to our planet. If you love plants, you know more than anyone the value of our living Earth. It’s why we try to be as eco-conscious as we can in terms of our packaging and environmental footprint.

Our bottles are made from sugarcane plastic - which is bio-based, rather than derived from fossil fuels. Even better, it’s readily recyclable. Our labels are plastic-free, biodegradable and use vegan inks. We are also working on refill pouches to save even more plastic waste.

And because Phryve is super-concentrated, just one bottle can make over 100 litres of feed for your plants!